How It Works

A consumer focus group is a meeting where a group of selected people are asked about their opinions towards a product or service with the purpose of helping brands to improve their services. The focus groups generally last between 60 AND 90 minutes and participants are paid anywhere from $75 AND $250 CASH for attending. Light refreshments and meals are provided.

The research groups take place at venues such as market research facilities, through an online forum, or on the phone. All of our market research projects are commissioned by companies and organizations that genuinely care about your opinions.

The questionnaires we ask you to fill in enable us to offer you to participate in focus groups that suit you. Taking part in focus groups allows members to express themselves, give opinions and get paid for their participation and help.

focus groups

Focus Groups

Paid focus groups and discussions are a great way to find out what people think and how they make choices about products and services.

online focus groups

Online Focus Groups

Our online paid focus groups give you a chance to speak freely instead of trying to fit your answers into a questionnaire, and we pay you a fair amount for your valuable feedback.

taste and product tests

Test and Product Tests

A hall test means that we invite you to be a tester and share your opinions with us at an agreed place and time. This may involve trying out sample products as well as giving your feedback on packaging or advertising.

mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

You’ll be paid for letting us join you on a shopping trip. We’ve found that going shopping with our members is an excellent way to help companies understand how you choose the products you buy.

face-to-face interviews

Face-to-Face Interview

We know there are a lot of boring online surveys around these days, so we want to give you the opportunity to have real conversations about the products and services you use.

telephone interviews

Telephone Interviews

Not everyone can make it to our group discussions and larger meetings of research participants. If you’d prefer to take part in research by telephone from your own home or when you’re out and about, we completely understand!

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